How come trashy clothes became fashion?

How come trashy clothes became fashion?

The Unassuming Rise of Trashy Fashion

A few days ago, Bosco, my Scottish terrier sporting a tiny tartan bandana and I were sipping our morning coffees...okay, I was the one with the coffee, Bosco was busy munching on a biscuit...but that's besides the point. We came across a headline that left us both with a perplexed head tilt - "Trashy is the new Classy". Now, as a blogger who’s always keeping an eye on the latest fashion trends, my interest was instantly piqued. However, as my canine companion continued devouring his treat blissfully unaware, I found myself diving into the wonderfully chaotic realm of so-called trashy fashion.

The Array of Aesthetics

When you first hear the term "trashy fashion", contrary to regular assumptions, we’re not talking about folks dressed up as walking bins, nope. The term "trashy", in this case, is a way to break away from the mainstream, immaculate, colour-coordinated clothing norms. It's a rebel call against the conventional pretenses, dictating how we should determine our appearances. This trend’s all about meshing colors, motifs, and fashion concepts typically deemed "mismatched" or "unfashionable". Yes, it's unique, it's unfiltered, and it's an absolute monstrosity to the eyes of the sartorial conservatives. But hasn't the aim of fashion always been about expressing oneself, after all?

The Injection of Individuality

Here's a fun fact: the human need for individuality and self-expression can be traced back to prehistoric cave paintings. Fast forward a few millennia, and here we are, expressing our individuality with our dressing sense. Trashy fashion has moved beyond the parameters of being picked up as a 'Justin Beiber-esque' pant-sag or wearing acid-washed jeans. It’s become a movement embracing the distressed jeans paired with a neon hoodie or a bold leopard-printed dress with thigh-high snakeskin boots – all while rocking an über-cool, neon green hairdo.

The Freedom from Fashion Rules

One of the intoxicating aspects of trashy fashion is its complete disregard for established clothing regulations or fashion faux pas. You want to wear socks with sandals or dinner napkin as a scarf? Go right ahead! It’s about breaking free from the stylistic shackles imposed by the fashion powers. I recall this one incident where I involuntarily dressed in trashy style. Ironically it was a laundry day, and my wardrobe only had a hyper-colored aloha shirt and striped pajama pants left. Despite the curious glances, I felt an unexpected sense of liberation and individuality.

The Contribution of Celebrities

Popular culture, along with our beloved celebs, has played a significant role in popularizing the trashy fashion theme. Prominent figures like Billie Eilish, gracing the red carpet with baggy, graffiti-splashed attires, or Rihanna, boldly experimenting with unique combinations, are literal walking manifestations of this trend. These flag bearers of trashy fashion are instrumental in encouraging the masses to embrace the raw, anarchic aesthetic.

The Environmental Consideration

Another compelling aspect of trashy fashion is its potential impact on the environment. In an age where sustainability is increasingly paramount, trashy fashion encourages using recycled garments or mixing and matching existing ones, thus reducing the demand for new clothes. Surprisingly, what initially emerged as an act of sartorial rebellion might just turn out to be eco-friendly to some extent.

The Future of Trashy Fashion

Unsurprisingly, trashy fashion has been garnering increasing recognition within the mainstream fashion industry, with high-profile designers incorporating this eclectic theme into their collections. This unexpected turn of events has resulted in the meeting of high-end couture with unconventional, quirky, trashy fashion. Even though it seems to be a clash of different worlds, it is catalyzing a fascinating evolution within the fashion industry.

Monster boots, shocking hair colors, statement graphics- the more, the trashier. As my Scottish terrier, Bosco, would agree, if he could, the pure, unadulterated joy and freedom encapsulated by trashy fashion is infectious. Amid a global panorama of uncertainty, a splash of unapogetic color and concoction of clothing may be just what we need. So, toss away your fashion rule book and don’t be afraid to step out of the box. It's about time we all embrace the tantalizing, unconventional chaos that is trashy fashion.

Arlo Bellerose
Arlo Bellerose

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